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Fit Body Dance

Dance2Fit Spartanburg, SC

Fit Body Dance is a high intensity workout incorporating dance, standard exercises, weights and cardio. Fit Body Dance workouts allows you to burn up to 1000 calories in a one hour session. There's no other workout that will shed pounds and tone up muscle in a one hour session. Don't take our word for it. Visit our Facebook reviews page and read for yourself. It's high intensity, but fun at the same time! Having fun and burning calories. What else can you ask for in a workout?

We are a non-judgmental workout zone and focused on one thing. We want everyone to feel comfortable while working out and having fun all at the same time. Meet new people, make great friends, be part of our workout family. It's all about having fun while losing weight and toning muscle here at Fit Body Dance.

Come and join us today with one free class. No contract to sign or membership dues. Only $3.00 per class after your first free class!

Our Facility - Spartanburg, SC

Dance2Fit Spartanburg, SC

We are located in Boiling Springs SC utilizing a 4000 square foot air conditioned fire station located at 325 Mountainview Rd. Boiling Springs, SC. Enjoy the heated and air conditioned space while working out. Getting in shape or losing weight doesn't mean having to be uncomfortable doing so. Our facility is designed for space and comfort.

We have plenty of room so give us a try and get hooked on having fun and burning up to a 1000 calories!

The Owner - Instructor - Brittany

Dance2Fit Spartanburg, SC

Brittany is the best health fitness instructor's in Spartanburg, South Carolina. She has been an instructor since 2018 with a heavy background in weights and dance. Brittany's main focus is to ensure that you succeed in accomplishing your goals. Rather to lose weight, tone up muscle, get in shape or to just simply have fun. Brittany will encourage and assist in making your goals a reality.

Brittany's main focus is also family. Rather it be her own, or her workout family. She is dedicated to her own goals which will ensure that your goals also met. Her classes are also not limited to just adults. Kids are also welcomed and loves having her clients bring their kids to class to either work along side with you, or to sit while you are taking care of yourself!