Is there a contract or membership fee? - No there's no contract or membership fee. First class is free. Any class thereafter is only $3.00.

How many calories can I burn in a one hour session? - This depends as we all come in different shapes and sizes. Some have burned up or exceeded a 1000 calories in a one hour session. Most will burn around 500 calories during their first session due to learning and will increase over time as you learn the movements.

Where are you located? - Fire Station located at 325 Mountainview Rd. Boiling Springs, SC

What are the days and times of classes? - Classes are every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm. We also have classes on some Saturday mornings at 9:30 AM. These are announced on our Thursday class and is posted on our facebook page and our website under announcements.

Can I bring my children to class? - Yes, we are all about family and we know that sometimes its hard to find someone to watch our little ones at times. We want to ensure that you exceed with no worries so children are always welcomed.

What is the cutoff age for children that have to pay? - Anyone over the age of 14 will have to pay the $3.00 class fee. Unless, not participating in the class.